Week 18 – Day 16

After 11 days of not running, I’m impressed that I could run almost 17 minutes. I surely thought I would at least run less minutes. Instead, I kept up the pace. It was a great run, and hardly any pain.

It’s not like I drank more water than usual, in fact, I drank less water than most other days. One thing I didn’t do was drink alcohol. I did, however, eat more beans and fish. I think I might be onto something. Diet matters a lot.

Week 18 – Day 5

I keep taking breaks like this, I won’t get anywhere. It’s been three days since my last run. I’m getting ready for a long trip up north, so I don’t know when I’ll get another chance to run.

Week 18 – Day 2

A little break, and back at it. My pace was normal, so I was happy about that. I did do something interesting earlier in the day. I stretched my calves and shin muscles. I have to say that a 15 minute run went really well, because I didn’t feel any pain in the shins. I just thought it was old age. I’ll have to focus more on the stretching too.

Week 17 – Day 4

Even I had one day break, I went running only 5 minutes. It’s better than nothing. In fact, it’s the healthiest possible choice. I can even say that it was almost 6 minutes.

Week 17 – Day 2

Another 15 minute run. I actually went over to 15 and a half. Not bad. This is good, considering that I took a 4 day break. I was able to keep up my pace of 5.6mph. Now, this is good news because I can still run 15 minutes even with a break in between. I bet it I waited more than 2 weeks, I’d feel it. But, I’m not about to test it.

Week 16 – Day 5

Back to 15 minutes, and things are just fine. I’m enjoying the run, but the next day, there’s more noticeable pain. I need to stretch more to see how that will be affected.

Week 15 – Day 7

Another good run. It was very tiring. I need to run every day, even if only for 5 minutes at a time, and just run my 14 minute run twice a week. We’ll see. I mean, I’m still keeping up.

I did push a little more, and did get over 14 minutes.

Week 15 – Day 3

You’d think I’d be running about 20 minutes by now since I started with 5, but I’m not doing it for the goal. I’m doing this for the health benefit of running at least 5 minutes a day.

Unfortunately, I’ve reached the point where I run almost 15 minutes and don’t run for the next day or two. The secret is moderation. Even if I did 10 minutes a day, I’d still get the full benefit and feel great!

I’ll have to take it easy.