The Lazy Workout – Almost Two Months Now

Let the Lazy Workout begin

It’s been over 6 weeks, and the lazy workout is working. 45 days and going, this means it’s a hobby.

Week 7, Day 1 (3/29)

I’ve taken another break today. Busy, busy. I’ve been too busy working on yet another new side project. I’ll see how it goes.

Week 7, Day 2 (3/30) – Almost Two Months

I did wrap up the project from yesterday. I realized that I’ve been at this for almost two months. It’s incredible. I can’t believe I made it this far. I got my scale a new battery, and I’ll find out what the results are in the morning. I don’t feel like I’ve lost any more weight, but we’ll see.

I ran 13 minutes again. It felt great again. I listened to different music. Electronic. Very up-beat.

Week 7, Day 3 (3/31) – Another break

I don’t know why, but sometimes it slips by me. I find myself at midnight or 1 AM and am just not motivated enough to go running at that time. I could have gone earlier. Let the lazy workout continue.

I feel like I’m trying to fight something. Maybe another cold? My boss wasn’t feeling well at work. He’s calling off tomorrow.

Week 7, Day 4 (4/1) – 15 minute mark

Yeah, I did it. I pushed myself… more like pulled myself… to get to that. I started out nice, no pain, no problems, breathing was ok. A bit wheezy, probably from not running yesterday.

I did the math wrong initially. I put the timer on 20 minutes. 2 minutes walk, and then I calculated 8 minutes to the 10 minute mark, and then another 3 to make it 13. Common core fail! It should be 5 minutes to 13, but that’s ok, because I went all the way to the 3 minute mark, and walked the rest of the way. That’s 15 minutes at the 11 minute mark.

I’m not doing it to force myself. I think something’s happening. I think I’m getting used to running, and my body can take more on its own. It just felt good and right to continue running. I hope I feel the same way tomorrow.

And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

Week 7, Day 5 (4/2) – Another break

I think the idea is still ok as long as I don’t go below the expected running time. And as I see that I’m running 15 minutes now when I’m supposed to be running 11, I think I’ve earned some breaks. If my time drops, then I can worry. I’m still ahead of the curve. Tomorrow I will run. No exceptions.

Week 7, Day 6 (4/3)

Break, second day in a row. I’m going to regret this tomorrow. Even though I’ve finished one project, the other ones require my attention, and when they do, they usually go late into the night. Tonight, I stayed late into the morning. I went to bed at 4 am.

Week 7, Day 7 (4/4)

My birthday signifies the last day of week 7. Tomorrow, the start of week 8. Today, I went back down to 13 minutes. I suppose since I’m at my 12 minute mark, I should still be ok, but I can’t slack off like this. Two days in a row and I dropped two whole minutes in my run.

I’m 38 and running 13-15 minutes at once. And it’s only 7 weeks into it. Another 15-17 weeks and I’m done. 38 year old, running 30 minutes. I look forward to it. 17 weeks is about 4 months. Considering that two months passed, I’m 1/3 of the way there.


Week 8, Day 1 (4/5)

I ran 17 minutes today. That’s a great comeback. This goes to show you that you can’t stop for even a day. I mean, this is training. Training for life. I felt good going at it. I felt like I could go all the way. I took it easy and only ran 17 minutes.

Week 8, Day 2 (4/6)

Did not run today. Big mistake. I’ll pay for it later. I’m in week 8. I can’t slack off like this for too long. It has been over 40 days, so I suppose this is now a habit.

Week 8, Day 3 (4/7)

Ran 13 minutes, because yesterday I did not run. I was also tired. Did not take a nap in the afternoon. I did everything I could to make it to 13 minutes.

Week 8, Day 4 (4/8)

Back to 16 minutes. I’m learning a life long lesson here. Don’t stop even for one minute. You blink and you could miss a lifetime.

Considering I’m supposed to be doing 12-13 minutes this week, doing 16 is very good. I could just keep it going at 16 minutes for a few weeks just to not be stressed out. But then again, when I get back on the treadmill, I usually feel comfortable to do more.

Oh well, it’s the way it goes. I hope I’ve encouraged others to go down this path. 8 weeks ago I could barely run 5 minutes. Now I’m running over 15. That’s 200% improvement in just 8 weeks. Considering the average lifespan of a human (4000 weeks), 8 weeks out of 4000 is 0.2%. That’s a fifth of one percent. That’s nothing!!! 4000 weeks. That’s not a lot of time. How will you spend yours? I’ve already spent my first ~2000 weeks. I want my next 2000 to be as healthy as I can be, assuming I get to live an average lifespan.

Good night, and happy running!

Week 8, Day 5 (4/9)

A good Saturday. I went running in the afternoon rather than the weekend. Two of the three treadmills were broken. One was already taken. So, I waited… and did some weights. It wasn’t too bad. A bit of biceps, a bit of chest presses. Got the blood pumping a bit before the run.

And ran I did. Another 16 minutes. I suppose I’m used to it.

Week 8, Day 6 (4/10)

No running today.

Week 8, Day 7 (4/11)

No running today again.

Week 9, Day 1 (4/12)

Ok, I’m still at 16 minutes. This isn’t bad, considering I’ve been slacking off for the past two days. I can’t believe I’ve not run in two days. I guess once stamina builds up, it stays with you for a while.

I will probably have to thank the fact that I didn’t drink, and kept hydrated. Man, I have to stay healthy to keep running. What a catch.

Week 9, Day 2 (4/13)

Happy humpday. I have to happy to have reached 20 minutes! Wow! I can’t believe I just kept running and running. I got to the 16 minute mark and felt like I could go for a bit more. After two more minutes, I just felt like I could go another 2 minutes. Nothing hurt. Everything was going well. And, I made it! What you’re seeing below is the cooldown 5 minutes at the end. Video coming soon.

The Lazy Workout has reached 20 minutes!
The Lazy Workout has reached 20 minutes!

I want to mention that it’s been an amazing 8 months so far. I really can’t believe that being lazy got me to run 20 miles. I think I’m supposed to run only 13 minutes this week. Let’s see… Math… Started at 5 minutes week 1, we’re in week 9, 8 weeks later, 5+8 = 13. So, I’m 7 whole minutes above where I should be. That’s not bad!!! As long as I run 30 minutes at week 30, which means I have to keep running even after I reach 30 minutes… I’ll be happy.

Have a great night. I know I will.

Week 9, Day 3 (4/14) – 21 Minutes!

And counting! My Lazy Workout plan is working really well. I decided at the 20 minute mark that I’ll do another 10 seconds… 20 seconds… 30 seconds… what the heck, might as well go all the way to 21 minutes. I’m no longer worried about if it was a fluke, or if I was just well rested, or anything else. I basically ran.

I did notice something new. I will continue to breathe through my nose only for the first 3-4 minutes. So, my lungs and heart are getting better. The lungs can handle more oxygen and blood cleaning and in larger capacity, and the heart can pump more and more blood with less effort. This is great!

I can no longer say that I’m out of shape, I suppose. Sure, there’s still a bit of strain and effort to get running 20 minutes for now, but considering that only 2 months back… not even 5 minutes without dying.

2 months, and I’m running over 20 minutes. I never thought I’d get here that quick. And, I even skipped a couple of runs. So, it goes to show you. Start really slow, be lazy, gentle daily increments, drink your water, not your alcohol, and pretty soon you’ll be at 20 minutes. I’m basically 10 minutes away from the goal. I’m 2/3 of the way there. This feels amazing!

Week 9, Day 4 (4/15)

I skipped today. I developed some kind of pain behind my right knee. Not sure what it is, but the rest of my leg felt a bit sore as well. Could be that I’m pushing myself a bit more?

Week 9, Day 5 (4/16)

Another 20 minutes. It has to be the new norm. I almost didn’t go running, but I can’t let comfort take advantage of me. That’s not how you get to 30 minutes. I’m glad I did. 

Week 9, Day 6 (4/17)

Lazy workout still going at 20 minutes. It’s getting harder and harder to find 20 minutes. I also don’t feel as motivated for some reason to run a whole 20 minutes. So I skip the whole thing.

My physical status now
My physical status now

Week 9, Day 7 (4/18)

Lazy workout still going at 20 minutes again. I think it might be better to run even 10 minutes if I can instead of skipping. Maybe I can develop lighter days instead of skipping days.

Week 10, Day 1 (4/19)

Break today. I should have at least ran 10 minutes. Lazy workout not working out as well lately.

Week 10, Day 2 (4/20)

Break again. I’m not liking these breaks. It feels like I’m getting lazy, for real. Lazy workout is becoming lazy non-workout. I should be running 15 minutes since it’s week 10. Somehow running 20 minutes steadily makes up for it. I know, it’s bad thinking, but I have to justify my lazy lifestyle somehow.

Week 10, Day 2 (4/21), Thursday

Still at 20 minutes. Going strong. Well, not too strong. I did have a rougher time running today since I skipped a whole two days, again. It’s getting harder to try to find 20 minutes at a time. I might have to split them up in two 15 minute sessions. We’ll see.

Week 10, Day 2 (4/22), Friday

No running today. I definitely plan on running in the morning. I will run in the morning, even if only 10 minutes. I’ll have to develop a 10 minute run twice a day. I hear that’s better than running 20 minutes all at once. We’ll see if it works. This means that I have to get up a bit earlier on work days, just to run 10 – 15 minutes. Well, 10 for now. 15 later when it’s time to run the 30 minutes a day. We’ll see.

Week 10, Day 3 (4/23), Saturday

My plan to run twice today failed. I only ran 15 minutes unfortunately. But at least I ran 15 minutes, which is better than no minutes. Still being lazy with my lazy workout.

Week 10, Day 3 (4/24), Sunday

I didn’t run today. I need to be more committed. However, I’m still not disappointed since I’m running way above my required time. How’s that for a lazy workout?

Week 10, Day 3 (4/25), Monday

I wanted to see if I could do 15 minutes today. I felt great, so I went the full 20 minutes… well… 20 minutes and 10 seconds. It could be anything. Could be the fact that I got a really good night’s rest, or this new thing I’m trying that my wife’s giving me. She makes this apple cider vinegar mix with water and drinks it every morning.

Week 10, Day 3 (4/26), Tuesday

I woke up today and weighed myself. Under 280. This is huge considering that when I started, I was around 290. So, whatever I’m doing must be working. The lazy workout works.

Week 10, Day 4 (4/27), Wednesday

Today was another break day. That’s what so great about my workout. You can take breaks, but no more than one or two days. It’s all about the cardio. As long as my heart is strong, I’m good to go.

Week 10, Day 5 (4/28), Thursday

Still running 20 minutes.

Week 10, Day 6 (4/29), Friday

Back to 21 minutes today. It was good to know I can push a little more than my usual.

Week 10, Day 7 (4/30), Saturday

I think I did something bad last night. I must have pulled a muscle between the left leg and the left hip. It hurts pretty bad when I try to lift the leg up.

Week 11, Day 1 (5/1), Sunday

Still out of commission. Can’t do any running. On the day that I’m supposed to be running 16 minutes, I can run zero. It’s a bit upsetting, but I know that I can still run 20 minutes if I want to. But, first, I need to rest and regain my strength and get rid of the pain. Still, the lazy workout is working out.

Week 11, Day 2 (5/2), Monday

The pain is still there, but getting better. I don’t think I want to force it.

Week 11, Day 3 (5/3), Tuesday

Did an easy 15 minutes in the morning. I probably could have done more, but I didn’t want to force myself. I’m thinking that I’m just going to work my way to run twice a day for 15 minutes each that way there’s no additional impact from the same run. I get a break in the middle.

Week 11, Day 4 (5/4), Wednesday

Did not run extra last night, or this morning. I have to get back into it, and I will definitely try to run another 15 minutes or 16 if I still feel up to it tonight.

Week 11, Day 5 (5/5)

It’s Just a Jog – Week 6

Fat guy running happily on a treadmill

Week 6, Day 1 (Tuesday, 3/22)

It’s starting to feel more like a jog. Running 10 minutes which is what I was supposed to run, even though I ran 11, just because, felt like a light jog. This is good. My body’s been getting accustomed to the running. No more pain, no more huffing and puffing and wheezing type breathing. It’s really not a big deal anymore.

A happy jog at night

Fat guy jog happily on a treadmill
A happy runner finishing off 10 (11) minutes.

Even though I went running at 1:30 am, because I had projects to finish, a night jog seems to be in order. It really did relax me. I feel great, and I’m so ready to go to bed. I will definitely keep up the 11 minute pace throughout the week. I might even speed things up by trying the 10 minute mile pace again.

What a jog! Until tomorrow…

Week 6, Day 2 (Wednesday, 3/23)

I was a bit tired today. I definitely felt it. My lower stomach felt like it had gas in it. You know that feeling when you feel like you’re going to pass gas but it just won’t come.

I was pretty motivated to get my run going, so I stepped it up a bit to 5.7 mph instead of 5.6. It’s not a huge increase, but I felt it. The fact that I wasn’t hydrating in the evening and only in the afternoon might have had something to do with it. Or, that I went to sleep late last night, even through I woke up without an alarm, and didn’t have a nap.

I consider these things to make my runs better, and to have an easier time running. If I have to focus on pain during my run, it’s not fun. I intend to optimize my running over time.

Whenever I run, I find myself thinking of things. Things like, “When do I get to the 2 minute mark, so I don’t feel pain anymore?” I also started stretching my calves before and after my runs. It feels better. I also think of things I didn’t do, like, “Why didn’t I drink more water?”

Until tomorrow!

Week 6, Day 3 (Thursday, 3/24)

Wife asked me if I wanted to take a break, just one day. I thought, that’s how it starts. I was tired. I still pushed myself. It’s like my tiredness went away. I actually gained energy after my jog.

Week 6, Day 4 (Friday, 3/25)

I did take a break today. I didn’t really need it, but I thought I would have all day Saturday to run. Plus, I feel comfortable running 12 minutes now. I suppose in a few days I’m supposed to start at 11 minutes. This is not too bad.

Week 6, Day 5 (Saturday, 3/26)

I suppose my writing is getting less and less, mainly because what I had set out to do works. It works so well, that I’m ahead of the curb. It seems like each time I go, if I’m well rested, hydrated, not hung over, healthy, not injured, etc, etc, I usually want to push myself to do more. I’m trying each time not to over-do myself, but I can’t help it. Sometime it’s the music, sometime, it’s because I’m running in the morning, or during the day when I’m more rested.

I stubbed my toe really bad today. I hope I’ll be able to jog tomorrow. I’m actually trying to jog twice tomorrow if I can. I stubbed it so bad that I turned the front of it over and ripped it a bit so it was bleeding. It doesn’t hurt if I don’t do anything. When I walk, if I step on the toe, it stings a bit, but then again, it stung when I was walking after falling down that one step. But running was ok. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Some Neosporin and a good threshold for pain come in handy.

A stubbed toe injury with bleeding nail
My injured toe after running it in the side of a sofa chair.

I also had some lower back pain, but it doesn’t feel like a muscle. It feels like something more internal. I hope it’s nothing serious. We’ll see if it goes away in a few days.

I’m still feeling healthy and strong. No little injury, even if bleeding, will stop me from accomplishing my goal.

On the plus side, my caloric record was broken, I think. Check out what this says:

A jogging machine showing calories
A jog of almost 1.5 miles.

Week 6, Day 6 (Easter Sunday, 3/27)

I did not run today. It wasn’t because it was a holiday, or because I was too busy. I had time, and actually wanted to, but one thing led to another, and all of the sudden, it’s another break day. It’s ok, though. I think it will be fine, since I can do the 12 minutes now. I will try not to let the runs slip by me, but sometimes, they do.

Week 6, Day 7 (3/28)

Up to 13 minutes! Continuous. I’m almost at 15. And I’m still comfortable doing it. Nothing hard about it. Hydrating throughout the day does help. I still had Easter Cake and coffee.

My son, 6 year old Ethan, went to the gym with me. He had fun running around the gym and pretending that he’s running his own workout class. It was adorable.

It’s supposed to be the last day of the week when I’m supposed to be running 11 minutes, and I ran 13. Tomorrow, I suppose I can do 13:10, teehee.

Getting Stronger – Week 5

A photo of a fat guy in the gym after a run.

Week 5, Day 1 (3/15)

Today, I experienced a bit more pain. But, I feel like I’m getting stronger. It could have been any of factors. I did struggle a bit to finish. Breathing was tougher, balance was a bit off, and I just felt tired. Maybe it’s because I also go running really late. Sometimes at 10 at night. I’m not a morning person.

Selfie Update

A photo of a fat guy in the gym after a run, getting stronger.
After a morning run. If it wasn’t for the gut, big ass, and man boobs, I’d be pretty hot.

What does it mean to be stronger?

Leg still hurts when I walk, but not when I run. Could just be the position the leg is in when I do the running vs walking. I like the fact that I can still run. I’m actually enjoying this. Not the pain, the fact that I can still run. Believe me, I appreciate my body being healthy more than anything. My mom always prayed for my health. I’m actually doing something about it.

Still fairly easy to run 9 minutes. It’s not too painful. It’s manageable. I mean, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it. Remember, I’m lazy. I was talking with the wife a bit about possibly running twice a day, or even 3 times. Would it be better if I ran 3 times 10 minutes vs 30 minutes all at once?

Changed my music up a bit. After watching Zootopia, I really got to like the one song Gazelle (Shakira) sings. So I thought I would try it. Maybe that’s why my body hurt a bit. It wasn’t the motivating ones I’m used to.

Went to sleep earlier. But still need to go to sleep earlier than that. I don’t want exhaustion to be an issue. I don’t want to fail because I didn’t get enough rest. And, believe me, I’m noticing how important rest is.

Well, until tomorrow…

Week 5, Day 2 (3/16)

I actually didn’t go running at night. I went running the next morning. So it’s technically 3/7. But, I have to say, I don’t regret it. In fact, I learned something.

The friend I was working with on a project (reason I didn’t run at night) was telling me that I can run in the morning. Surely, I thought this was a bad idea… until I tried it.

I reached the 10 minute mark surprisingly, and not too surprisingly. I was nearing the 9:10 mark, then I went 9:20, then I said to myself that it doesn’t feel that bad… in fact, I could keep going. In all honesty, getting to 10 minutes run at 5.6 mph does not feel that bad once I pass the 4 minute mark. I suppose that’s what it means to be stronger.

A 20 minute day

Thinking about tonight, basically, if I run another 10 minutes, I’d have run 20 minutes a day. Interrupted, granted, but still. Think about it. I could comfortably run 20 minutes a day albeit broken up into two sessions.

Wow! It’s really happening. I’m becoming a runner.

Until tonight…

Week 5, Day 3 (3/17)

This evening, I did not have time to pick up my second run of the day. That’s fine. The way I see it is if I can do 10 minutes of jogging / running, I’m already getting stronger. I would blame my 3rd side project, but it really is just me.

I will attempt to run in the morning again, but as I see myself staying up late with the wife to share some wine, not happening. It’s still ok. Let’s just say that it’s another day of break. Sort of.

Making it regular

I wouldn’t mind making it a regular thing to run in the morning… and maybe after a while to build up my stamina, since I can already run 10 minutes at a time, run at night and in the morning. Now that’s going to make my heart stronger.

The weekend is coming up, so I’m really going to try hard to achieve that goal. I need to keep running, and in 4 days time, I need to be running 10 minutes easy, which I’ve already proved that I can do if I run in the morning. But, I won’t sacrifice too much comfort. Remember, I’m a lazy runner.

For now, I will continue to beat the 9 minute mark.

Week 5, Day 4 (3/18)

I woke up this morning not making the run. But… it’s the weekend, and my main focus will be project #3, with a bit of side project #1 and #2. I think running this weekend should be included at least once a day, with the possibility of 2 times a day. Plus, running does clear the mind, I found.

Clearing the mind

What do I mean by that? Ever found yourself overwhelmed with society stuff? Busy with this that and the other? Just go for a 10 minute jog. It will definitely clear up your mind. It will definitely make your mind stronger. And, on top of it, it will make your heart stronger too.

Running tonight

Wow, it felt great. So great that I got used to running 9 minutes, 10 minutes, and apparently sprint of an additional minute or so. I went the extra minute, and the extra extra minute. Getting stronger every day now. I feel like running again tomorrow morning. We’ll see.

Why am I stronger?

I have been drinking about two mason jars of water daily. That could be one reason. Another could be that I wore shorts instead of sweats keeping my legs cooler? Another could be that I rested an extra half day not running last night? It could be a combination of any or all of these.

I have to say that I am really excited about running now. I look forward to it. It doesn’t feel like I’m torturing myself. So, 5th week in, and I don’t hate running. I think my program is working. I think it’s working too well. Instead of cheating to run less, I cheat by running more and going over the goal, consistently. Yes there were days when I was sick, and ran the goal, and there were days or rest… well, one day of rest… and another where I ran twice in 3 days, but I plan on getting more out of the next couple of days by possibly running twice in one day.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

Week 5, Day 5 (3/19)

Well, today was interesting. The gym treadmills were booked, so I just ran outside. It was gorgeous weather, so why not? One thing I learned quickly is that it’s not the same as running on a treadmill. First, the treadmill doesn’t have valleys and hills. Yes, it has an include, but it’s not the same thing. My calves were hurting the next day.

Another thing to notice was that it just simply was not as easy. Could have been the two beers I had the previous days, not being hydrated enough, or even that there’s nothing dictating my pace, so I didn’t know if I was running 5 mph or 7 mph.

I still did my 10 minutes. 5 minutes one way, 5, another.

Week 5, Day 6 (3/20)

Almost at the end of week 5, and I’m easily running 10 minutes. This is great. I went back on the treadmill. I did not push myself to run an extra time this weekend. Was way too busy. Once was enough for me. Plus, I had to do a Costco run and play a couple of rounds of mini-golf with my son. I was busy, but the thing is, I was still able to squeeze a run in somewhere.

I up-cheated again today. I’ll call it that if I end up running extra. I ran at least an extra minute at 7.5 mph. It felt great, really. At times I can’t even wait to stop running so I can walk, then sprint. I feel myself getting stronger every day I run.

Week 5, Day 7 (3/21)

Last day of week 5 and I’m running a full 10 minutes. On schedule, as planned. Starting tomorrow, week 6. Time to get stronger.

Tonight was a late night for me. I came home at midnight after working on more projects, but tonight was pretty good. I was a bit sore. Probably from the running outside bit. Who knows? Could have been from my newly gained stamina that I’ve been using with the wife, if you know what I mean.

In any case, I feel great! I feel like a million bucks. At the moment, it feels like it’s just a matter of time. It’s no longer about the stamina, and about the pain, or breathing, or anything else. I get on the treadmill, walk two minutes, and then, after running for two or three minutes, the soreness goes away.

Tonight I also stubbed my toes in one of my kids’ toys. I thought I broke it, but I still went running. It’s still a bit sore. I’ll survive. It feels like any obstacle I get thrown my way, I keep running. I suppose that I have a promise to keep to myself.

Well, congrats to me! I made it into week 6. Cheers!

Health and Fitness: Catching My Breath

a photo of a fat guy at the gym

Week 4, Day 5 – 3/12 – Health and Fitness

Health and fitness needs a break at times. I decided, even though it was Saturday, that I will take a little break. I think it was a much deserved break. I was busy in the evening, when I usually run, and one of my friends told me that it’s ok to take a little break once in a while, as long as I stretch. Well, I didn’t stretch either.

I could have gone running in the morning, or afternoon, but I really just wanted to see, and experiment, what would happen if I didn’t run one day. Does this mean that It’s the end of the workout? Not at all. In fact, this little workout plan is still an experiment. I’m experimenting quite a bit.

Without experimenting, I wouldn’t have tried pushing myself more early on, I wouldn’t have figured out to increment my runs by 10 seconds a day, making it much easier to increase my running time instead of waiting a whole week to push myself a whole minute. A minute counts, especially early on. Health and fitness shouldn’t be taken lightly, but you should also understand a balance.

So, today, I took a day off. Apparently, even God took a day off to rest. I didn’t feel like I gained a lot of time by resting, so in a way, this little break proved to me that running does not eat up my time. But the benefits are definitely great!

Week 4, Day 6 – 3/13

I thought I would hurt today because I didn’t run yesterday. Ok, I did hurt a bit. My muscles were sore, but that’s probably because I stayed out late the previous night and wasn’t well rested. I need to focus on getting a full night’s rest. And you know what that means. It means that I have to go to sleep earlier. Sleeping is definitely part of health and fitness, as I’m learning the hard way. You probably will too.

Today, I did 4 big things, and was still able to run. Granted, I went running at 10:30 at night. We went to Costco for our weekly resupply mission, I met with a business partner to discuss plans for our business, I met with another business partner to watch a movie, and I brought my son along because the movie was Zootpia. It’s a great little movie. I’d recommend it. And, I worked on one of my side projects. So, once again, no excuse not to run.

Easier breathing

I also noticed something else. I used to have bad hay fever allergies. Lately, my breathing has become a lot more normal. I don’t know if the season’s over, but I used to get these breathing problems where my nose would get stuffed up for no apparent reason. Even when it was raining.

I don’t know if this is due to running, but I also sleep much better. Especially if I run just before I head off to bed. So, I ran a full 9 minutes. My calves were hurting a bit by the end, but it wasn’t too bad. But, that goes to show you that even if you do decide to take a day off in one month… it’s not the end of the world.

The experiment continues

Remember, we’re not trying to get quick results. That usually ends up in a yo-yo diet. We didn’t gain the weight overnight. We’re not going to lose a significant amount of weight by running one extra run per week.

It’s about numbers

Even though it’s about numbers, it’s not really that controlled. The only control is that there’s a gradual increase in running time. Everything else is relative.  Even the controlled increase should be flexible. Sometimes I run the given time, sometimes more, and before I came up with the 10 second increments, I was technically running under as the week progressed.


Running 5 minutes on day one, two and three, I already lost 30 seconds of running because day 2, I didn’t run 5:10, losing 10 seconds, and day 3 I didn’t run 5:20, losing an additional 20 seconds. Therefore, within 3 days, I technically ran 30 seconds less than I should have.

It’s all justified

In the end, what matters the most is that I’m running at or near the goal time for the day or week. If I can run approximately 30 minutes per day by week 30, I win! Even if I’m running 29 minutes, or even 25 minutes at the end of week 30, think about it. It’s a huge gain. Running 25 minutes a day is a big deal. And, from that point on, it only gets better.

Tomorrow will be my last day of the week to wrap up my 8 minute per day run, which I’m already running at 9 minutes. Then, Week 5 starts with 9 minutes, which I’m already used to. By the end of next week, I will be running 10 minutes a day, feeling just as good, or better than running day one.

Here’s to gradual increase!

Week 4, Day 7 – 3/14

Last day when I could reach 9 minutes, and boy did I. I injured myself today, earlier. I slipped and fell off of the last step of a stairwell. My right leg took most of the impact, but I was still able to run in the evening, after a nice nap.

It actually felt really great! Breathing was normal, heart rate good, pain was not really there, even the leg injury. Tomorrow, I’m going to continue with the 9 minutes run, and slowly increase it daily to 10 minutes for a week.

I have to say that I really enjoy running at this time. It’s not bad at all. I’m still not seeing anything different, but I do feel it when I put my pants on. They’re starting to feel loose.

For health and fitness. A photo of a fat guy at the gym
Update on looks

Today, I realized again that this will be doable. It’s only a matter of time. Think about the concept. I’ve been running for the past 4 weeks. Something I haven’t done in a very long time. Granted, it’s 5-9 minutes each day, but that’s more than I’ve done in the past 4 weeks. And, in the next 4 weeks, when I think about this in depth, will be 13 minutes. That’s almost 15, which is halfway. Almost halfway to my goal and I’m not hating it.

I find this very motivational for anyone who really cares about getting back into some kind of decent shape, and cares about their health and fitness.

To health and fitness!

New Week, Week 4

My updated body approx 3 weeks since last photo

Something New – Week 4, Day 1

A new week. Running is becoming more and more painful. But… only the first 4 minutes or so. If I focus on other things, like TV shows playing on the TV in the gym, time tends to flow by faster.

I did my 8 minutes, and I liked it in the end. It really feels great when I wrap up my workout. Two minutes of warm-up, about 4 minutes of cool-down, and your typical 8 minutes of running. Just plain running.

My new updated body approx 3 weeks since last photo
I report, you decide. 3 weeks-ish difference.

Old habits

I’ve noticed that if I drink alcohol the previous night, my run is a bit more painful. I don’t know if it’s hydration related, or not, but I’m definitely noticing it. I’m going to continue to experiment. I would like to optimize my runs eventually, but I won’t know what works for me, or doesn’t until I try it out.

Hunger is not a problem

I don’t seem to be hungry. At least not yet. I don’t want to lose that one pleasure in life. I love to eat. I’m a foodie. Heck, I even make my own bread from scratch. I haven’t changed my eating habits yet. I would like to first get to my 30 minute run before I optimize anything else. Hey, the way I see it is that if I can run 30 minutes, I can only get better at running 30 minutes after I reach that point.

Staying properly hydrated, eating better, speeding up, form, and all those other things can come in time once I’ve reached my optimal time. The way I see it, that’s just a milestone in the process to run my 30 minutes optimally.

A new friend

There’s this girl I saw at the gym two days in a row. I like that she watches TV while she uses the elliptical. I enjoy the company, but she doesn’t say much. We are both wearing headphones after all.

Week 4, day 2

Running got better. It’s starting to feel more like a casual jog again. I ran a bit over the 8:10 mark. More like 8:40. But this is good. I’m on my mark, and still going at it surprisingly.

Something wonderfully strange

When I took a shower, I noticed something. Harder muscles. I think my body is going through some metabolic changes. I’m noticing my muscles hardening all over. I guess this is what they call toning up.

Romantic life

Let’s just say that my wife really, really enjoys all of the stamina I gained from all this running. If it makes her happier, that’s just more motivation for me to keep going.

Thirty Week Challenge

I’m noticing that I’m no longer counting calories when I run. I just run. The more I do it, the less I pay attention to “how will I feel when I run x minutes”. By now I’m fairly confident that I can do this.

I suppose that most people will be satisfied with running 15 minutes a day. That’s still a lot of minutes, and if they just focus on that, they could technically start increasing speed and focus on form earlier on. Considering that a doctor once recommended 10 minute run a day is healthy, 15 minutes is already above that. Plus, you can make it a 10 week challenge, I suppose. That’s only 2.5 months. Great for bikini season. But, personally, I’ll stick to the 30 minute challenge because I know I’ve done it before.

My new “gym friend” didn’t show up today. Maybe she was done with her challenge. Or maybe we just go working out at different times. No matter, I still have my music to listen to. And it always gets me motivated to run more and more. Gotta put in those extra sprints.

Until tomorrow…

Week 4, Day 3 (3/10/2016)

I was definitely feeling it today when I started off. I ate too much for dinner. Wife made some really good battered chicken and mashed potatoes. Mm delicious. From now on, I will think twice about eating extra before running.

Plus, I need to go to sleep earlier. The pain wasn’t as bad as other days, but the breathing definitely sucked. Pun intended. Plus, I had a drink with the wife last night… because we like to socialize like that.


I noticed that every time I yawn, my heart rate goes up by about 3-4 beats per minute. It makes me think that yawning is drawn by some process to increase your heart rate to pump more blood. This makes sense especially while running.

Until tomorrow…

Week 4, Day 4 (3/11/2016)

No pain today. I noticed that since I haven’t had a single drink last night, today was a no pain kind of day. So, because I didn’t have any pain, I figured I’d try something new. I tried running 6 mph which makes my pace at a 10 minute mile. This was a huge thing for me. I haven’t ran 10 minute miles in almost a decade.

Fat guy running a 10 minute mile for 8 minutes
Look how happy I am to run a 10 minute mile

The 10 minute mile

Yeah, it was hard to breathe, but then I remember that scene from the Matrix, “Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?” Mind over matter does wonders. My heavy breathing may be due to lack of oxygen in the body, but then again, our bodies tend to over-react, so breathing too heavy may not be necessary.

The 10 minute mile is going to be my goal for the slowest pace. If I can take an extra week to get adjusted to running a 10 minute mile, I think it’s a good idea. Yes, I know that I said that I’ll wait until I run the full 30 minutes, but why not? It just felt really good running today, even though I was really tired from breathing heavily at the end.

Only fourth week in and it feels good to run? I think I’m going crazy. Crazy for running! Ok, enough with the corniness.

The best thing I can say about my run is that I didn’t feel pain. That’s a great thing! No pain means that my body muscles are finally getting used to the torture they deserve. At the moment, I feel once again that I can really start running 10 minutes, fairly easily. My goal for this week is, obviously, to get myself up to the 9 minute mark by the end of the week so that starting next week, I can run 9 minutes comfortably. I will, of course, attempt to push myself to do the 10 minute mile runs, but no guarantees.

Until tomorrow, another new day… good night!

Hope, A Ray of Hope – Week 3, Part 2

A guy that gains weight to lose it back.

Week 3, Day 4

My wife told me today that I started to lose my belly. Now those are some encouraging words. There’s hope for me, yet. It’s only week three, so of course, I told her, “Hang on, it’s only week three. Wait ’til I get to week 10”. It’s very encouraging to hear words like those.

Every time I would start working out in the past, I would always surround myself with workout “experts”, and they would just push beyond limits on day one. How is anyone supposed to enjoy doing this if at the end, they’re suffering?

Another great experiment for hope

There was this other experiment done where a trainer gained 70 lbs and then lost it so he can better understand his clients. The results were short of amazing! Sometimes you need to understand yourself and your body, and believe me, you will understand yourself better than anyone else.

A guy that gains weight to lose it back. I can only hope to end up like him. The second half.
Courtesy of CNN. Fit2Fat2Fit

So, when a trainer tells you to push yourself, push back! Tell them that, that’s all you can do, and that tomorrow’s another day. This way, you don’t hate yourself for being in pain. Why punish yourself? This journey should be joyous, pleasant. It should feel rewarding. There’s hope at the end of the tunnel yet.

One can hope

I remain hopeful because today, was what I’d like to call an easy day. It was not bad at all. It felt natural. It’s becoming a habit.

40 days

Another adage from childhood was that it takes 40 days for something to become a habit. Brushing teeth, drawing, speaking properly, and even exercising. You just have to bear with it 40 days. That’s about 6 weeks. I’m halfway there. Then, it just becomes a habit. I can’t wait for that day.

I ran 7 minutes and 30 seconds, plus some extra. That tells me that I’m ready to continue this soon to be habit.

Until tomorrow!

Week 3, Day 5

Eight minutes and over. I’m ready for next week too. I suppose that I’m ahead, but I must stick to the plan. The first 3-4 minutes still feel tough, but after that, it’s good. I feel as if it was a quick run.

It’s really becoming a habit. Every day I go running, I just tell myself, “Well, yesterday I ran seven minutes, today I can run seven minutes and ten seconds”. And it usually works well enough to where I think that if I had enough time yesterday, I have enough time today.

I don’t really do the sprints after a run anymore, except for tonight, for some reason, I wanted to. But I don’t feel like they’re necessary. I just do them because I want to. I did notice that if I don’t do sprints one time, the next time it doesn’t feel any different to run. In fact, it feels just a bit better because I know that I didn’t exhaust myself the previous day.

Week 3, day 5. That tells me a lot. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this good about running. And to think that week 3 is coming to an end, that’s 21 full days of straight running. That’s halfway to the 40 day habit forming mark. If I can pull this off, I could become a runner, or even jogger for life.

Time and speed

I noticed that the perfect speed is 7.5 mph. That has a pace of an 8 minute mile. That’s 24 minute run to run 3 miles. That’s incredible. I believe that’s the USMC goal for a 3 mile PT (Physical Training) run. I know this because of some of the sprints that I did. But that’s fast. Super fast!

For now, I’ll try to at least run an 11 minute mile, which I’m doing at 5.6 mph. I will definitely focus on increasing speed later, after I run a full 3 minutes comfortably. Back to comfort… My hope is to run 30 minutes comfortably. If I can do it as easy as going shopping, or putting together an IKEA shelf (which I did yesterday), then I’ve achieved my goal for this experiment.

A treadmill showing 1.43 miles and 148 calories used up
A new caloric and distance record. Hard to take a photo while running.

It’s strange. The more I do it, the more I imagine myself running those 30 minutes as if it was a stroll in the park. If I can do 8 minutes without feeling like I want to die, 10 minutes should not be that bad either. And that’s 1/3 of the way to get to the ultimate goal. Slowly, but surely.

Let’s continue to hope for the best.

Week 3, Day 6

I went back to cheating again. I ran 10 minutes instead of 7:50. I first wanted to run 8 minutes since 8 minutes will be the milestone for week 4, but once again, favorite song kicked in, and I just had to run another 2 minutes.

Whatever motivates you

Whatever gets your adrenaline going, use it. I know I have something here with the 30 week challenge if my friends keep asking me how it’s going. I even have facebook followers because of it. It feels great to know that someone else out there thinks it’s a cool idea. I suppose that’s number one reason not to give up. I’d be disappointing a lot of people.

Even though my 10 minutes was interrupted by some walking, think about it. I still ran a total of 10 minutes today. I was thinking about this while running. Even if you can’t run your first 5 minutes all at once, there’s nothing to stop you from running one minute, five times a day. You’re still running 5 minutes. And it’s actually better, because you’re walking more when you warm up for it, and when you cool down from it. So, essentially, you’re working out more.

In fact, it’s probably better that you keep your metabolism up throughout the day than just once a day in a huge spike. I might even experiment with running my final 30 minutes in 15 minute runs when the time comes. It has to be healthier since there’s no down time. This way, I avoid the not running part for 24 hours. Even if I could run 10 minutes, 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 10 minutes each time. Heck, I could do 10 minutes now, I might as well try it and get the exercise done with tomorrow.

But, the whole concept of the challenge is to run 30 minutes, once a day to prove to anyone that they can run too if they just take it easy and increase their time very, very slowly.

Getting ready for the end… of week 3

Tomorrow’s the last day of week 3. When I think about how I transitioned from week 1 to week 2, increasing my run by a whole minute, and succeeding, how scared I was, and how I actually did it… it makes me think about tomorrow as if nothing bad can come from it. I can only hope that every week is the same, and pretty soon, I won’t even realize that I’m running half hour per day. It’s almost boring if I don’t force myself to run more. And, that’s a great thing! Because all of us lazy people love boring lifestyles.

Week 3, Day 7

I have completed my 3rd week. That’s 21 days. It’s a huge milestone for me. I feel great! I’m running 8 minutes already and I’m on my way to get to 10 minutes in two more weeks.

Pain has returned

For some reason my calves were hurting more than usual. I did take a nap in the evening before my run. It could be because I was tired, or it could be that I pushed myself yesterday to run that little extra bit. In any case, I was able to do my 8 minutes, and will do another 8 tomorrow, and slowly increase by 10 seconds daily.

I have to admit, today was a harder day. Maybe I need more sleep. Maybe more water. Maybe this is the time when drinking enough water and getting enough rest will affect me. It’s no longer a 5 minute jog, after all.

Challenge of Running Continues – Week 3

Fat guy running on a treadmill and filming himself while doing a thirty week challenge

Week 3, Day 1 – The Challenge Continues – 3/1/16

Today I felt a bit winded for some reason. I was still sneezing throughout the day, and coughing just a little. I guess that’s why they call it a challenge. A thirty week challenge. Might be allergies. I hate those things. I’m very allergic to perfumes, and I think people were wearing perfume on the train.

Breathing was a little wheezy, but the muscles did not hurt. I could actually do it, and add a little extra on top of it. I did an extra 30 seconds, but tomorrow, I will continue with 7 minutes and 10 seconds. I plan to record it so that I can have proof that I ran 7 full minutes.


Overall, the running is going ok. The thirty week challenge seems like it’s very possible. It’s a long way off, but it’s doable. Sure, I say that now that I’m in the early stages and I’m running under 10 minutes, but if my hypothesis of being able to increase the run time by 10 seconds each day, I should have no problem getting used to it.


I bet I’ll feel it when I get to 20 minutes or so. I’m sure there’s a limit of running. But for now, I’ll assume that I will be able to run without a problem since I’m training very very slowly. Who knows, maybe people in the future will learn to slowly ease themselves to their max no matter their starting level.

I didn’t feel like taking any photos or shoot any videos lately. They’ll all be of me running on a treadmill. I’m hoping to take some pictures of my belly soon. Hopefully a shrinking belly.

Week 3, Day 2 – 3/2/16

I finally decided to film myself. I thought it would be ok to keep track of these things. I mean, after all, I want to see progress. The thing is that running was not too bad at all. I think I’m gaining form. My form is getting better and my overall health seems like it’s improving.

Check out the video channel for more updates on YouTube.

I did get to my 7 minutes 10 second mark. I was watching some cop show on the tv above. I have to warn you, the video is pretty boring. I mean, how exciting is it to watch a fat guy run? The first part is the 2 minute warm-up walk I always do. A little stretching to show off… a little TV watching to distract myself, and then, bam, I start running. Notice how I give hints as to how many minutes I have left in my run.

Let’s hope this keeps up. I can’t wait to get more and more minutes in. I’m really excited, but I can’t rush it too fast. I have to prove to myself that exercising is not really tough at all, and that anyone can be “fooled” into doing it. Just run.

Better now than later

Honestly, even if it takes you a year because you like increasing by 30 seconds each week, think about it. In a year, you’re running 30 minutes! That is still amazing! That’s a huge accomplishment. Imagine where you were a year ago. Now imagine that with almost no effort, you could have been running 30 minutes at once, right now, in this very moment. Imagine the shape you’d be in if you were to do that. In hindsight, it sounds pretty freakin’ awesome. So, why not start now?

Looking back

Back two weeks ago, I remember starting this bit, and it seems like time just flew since then. I can’t believe that I’m already in week 3. It’s not week 15, but still, pretty fast. Pretty soon, I’ll be in week 15. I can’t wait to see how I’ll handle running more than 10 minutes. I’m really curious and excited at the same time.

Wish me luck!

Week 3, Day 3 – 3/3/16

Halfway through week 3. This stuff is not bad at all. I did my 7 minutes and 20 seconds, plus some extra, and I have to say, I’m super excited to be running over 7 minutes.

I was thinking while running; I can make it to 7 minutes… but what will it feel like when I’m running 30 minutes. Will I be able to run that much? Will it be too big of a challenge for me? I mean, I have weeks to do that, to get ready for that, but to run 30 minutes… Mind blowing at the moment.

I suppose since I’m almost running 8 minutes, that’s like almost running 10 minutes… which is 1/3 of the way there. Not so bad. Two more weeks and I’ll be at the 10 minute mark. For me that’s a milestone. Running 10 minutes a day was even recommended by a doctor once. And even this post talks about it being good enough to lose weight.

The hard part

The things is, that while running, the first 3 -4 minutes seem like the hardest. Muscles get sore, breathing becomes faster, I get more tired, but after that middle ground, I’m comfortable to finish off at that same pace.

Talking about pace… I’m running about 5.6 mph, so I suppose that’s a jog at the moment, but my goal is to run time, not distance, or speed. It would be so awesome to be able to even run 30 minutes, no matter the distance or speed. Once I reach that goal, I suppose to keep things interesting, I could increase speed so I can gain distance. Imagine, me… a guy that could barely run 5 minutes, huffing and puffing, running a 30 minute run within 3 miles? Right now, it’s a nice dream to have.

Anything’s possible

I suppose anything’s possible if you put your mind to it. I’ve been putting my mind to it. A couple of nights in a row, I felt like maybe I shouldn’t run. Maybe I’m too tired, maybe I’m not feeling it, maybe I have a cold… but then I realized that I ran 7 minutes yesterday without killing myself, so… why can’t I do it again today? And that’s what motivates me to keep going. I simply go to run because I was able to do it yesterday.

And, because of this new way of increasing my time, 10 seconds a day, I don’t even feel like I won’t be able to do it, because yesterday I ran 7 minutes 10 seconds, why in the world would I not be able to increase by 10 more seconds?

Maybe I should call this the 10 second increase running challenge. In less time than it took you to get out of shape, you’ll get back into shape.

Until tomorrow’s 7 minutes and 30 seconds… good night!