Week 3 – Day 4

I walked today. No running. A friend came over and we walked and talked. We must have gone over 1/2 hour just chatting and walking. Apparently I gained more calories burned, but my cardio feels like it suffered a bit.

Week 3 – Day 3

A typical run. I’m getting used to the idea of running outside. It’s not so bad. It was a good day overall. I was fairly hydrated, legs don’t hurt anymore, and no torso pains.

Week 3 – Day 2

Ok, so I lied. Running outside is definitely much harder. So… I read somewhere that it’s because the treadmill helps you by moving the ground for you. I believe it now.

I definitely feel much more tired, but I also know that it’s much better for me to train this way. I suppose that I wasn’t really using up all those calories on the treadmill. At least I’m being more honest now.

This is the calculator I use:

Week 3 – Day 1

I just got back from the run and although I did 7 minutes, I was hurting. I ran outside today. It’s very different than a treadmill. Maybe I’ll start doing that a couple of times a week. We’ll see.

My left shin was sore when I was done. No pain in the torso, or anywhere else. I felt a little winded. I did eat twice for dinner, and was tired and under the weather a bit. My oldest son, Ethan, was sick with something since his tonsils were swollen. I might have caught something.

Week 2 – Day 7

Tonight was “graduation night”. I made it to the 7 minute mark. It was a good feeling. I slept earlier today.  I love naps. They’re so restorative. My legs hurt a little since I was trying a new stride. It used up more energy, but I’m hoping that it will strengthen my muscles more.

The pain on my right side, the one I thought was my liver, was not there today. There was another discomfort a bit lower though. Definitely not the appendix. I hope not, anyway. It was a good run.

Week 2 – Day 6

It was very tempting to attempt to try 7 minutes, but I have to remain disciplined. It was a good run. A bit tired. Could be the age thing too. If I can run 15 minutes on a regular basis, I’ll be happy.

One thing to note is that I still get my 2 minute mark legs hurting, and there’s this other pain around my liver, on the right side. I hope it’s only cause I’m out of shape. I’ll see if it gets worse. Meanwhile, run on!

Also, I forgot to record the calories, but they’re about the same as last time.

Week 2 – Day 5

I feel amazing. A bit tired, but amazing. It really is starting to feel fun running. I know that I’ll be breathing better, I’ll be eating better, I’ll be sleeping better. Just overall, feel better. There’s no feeling in the world like feeling healthy again.

Everyone should run 5 minutes a day. At the very least! I’m so happy that I continued with the 6 minutes and 40 seconds. I’m almost at the 7 minute mark… This is good.

Week 2 – Day 4

Things are going great. Still a bit tired when running since I don’t think I’ve been drinking enough water. But I do notice myself waking up after the alarm in the morning. I need to head to bed earlier.

The running itself is going ok. I feel like I can do it if I increment 10 seconds each day. I think I’ll be very content when i get to 10, and 15 minutes. It will be amazing!

Week 2 – Day 3

Onto another day. I almost didn’t go running, but then I remembered, it’s only 6 minutes or so. I went past the 6:20 mark, and did 6:30 by accident. Will do 6:30 again tomorrow.

So now, I’m supposedly serious about it. I did think about what would happen when the time increases. During days that I don’t feel like going, I think my fallback would be to just do 5 minutes. It’s definitely better than nothing. And, it keep the metabolism going for the day.

Week 2 – Day 2

So, even though my stomach was upsetting me (could be the probiotic yogurt I’ve added to my diet), I was still able to run 6 minutes and 10 seconds. It was a quick run. Not too bad. Yes, I ran an extra 10 seconds. Tomorrow, another 10 and so on… turning the heat up very slowly.

You could say that this is the most I’ve run since I started again.