Week 13 – Day 1

So, I did it again. Another 13 minutes. Even though I slowed down a little to answer some passer bys some questions, I still made the best pace so far. I ran almost a mile and a half, and ran a good 8 minute and 43 seconds mile. This is by far the best run so far. I guess two days in a row at 13 minutes is official. I did push myself a little at the end, but it was slightly downhill.

Week 12 – Day 6

Best day yet!

I reached 13 minutes. I don’t know how, but I did it. I just kept running and running… Must have been that I slept in until 11, and I drank a lot of water today. It felt strange. I just kept telling myself that I’m not as tired as I used to be during any of my other runs. Maybe it was a combination of things, but I’m hoping that I can keep it up.

Week 12 – Day 5

Well, after a 4 day break, longest ever break, I still managed to impress myself. 11 minutes with an average speed of 5.9 mph. Max speed was 8 mph. I did have a running partner for 1/2 lap. My son, Ethan, decided to run with me for a little bit. I had to ask him to pace himself. It wasn’t  a race and he didn’t need to sprint. We’re just running for health. It was nice to have a partner.

Week 11 – Day 5

I ran fast today, but somehow, I missed the 11 minute mark. I think I need to turn off the audio warnings when I reach a mile. I thought I was done when the voice kicked in for one mile marker. “Smart” technology, my a**.

Week 11 – Day 4

I took it a bit easier today. Man, I have to stop drinking. I wonder what would happen if I fully optimize myself. No junk food, no alcohol, good rest, and tons of water. I want to eventually test that theory.

Week 11 – Day 2

Well, two running days in a row. It went well. It’s official. My running time is 11 minutes. Considering a good pace of 5.6 mph and 10:30 minute mile, I’m doing rather well only 11 weeks in.