Week 17 – Day 4

Even I had one day break, I went running only 5 minutes. It’s better than nothing. In fact, it’s the healthiest possible choice. I can even say that it was almost 6 minutes.

Week 17 – Day 2

Another 15 minute run. I actually went over to 15 and a half. Not bad. This is good, considering that I took a 4 day break. I was able to keep up my pace of 5.6mph. Now, this is good news because I can still run 15 minutes even with a break in between. I bet it I waited more than 2 weeks, I’d feel it. But, I’m not about to test it.

Week 16 – Day 5

Back to 15 minutes, and things are just fine. I’m enjoying the run, but the next day, there’s more noticeable pain. I need to stretch more to see how that will be affected.

Week 15 – Day 7

Another good run. It was very tiring. I need to run every day, even if only for 5 minutes at a time, and just run my 14 minute run twice a week. We’ll see. I mean, I’m still keeping up.

I did push a little more, and did get over 14 minutes.

Week 15 – Day 3

You’d think I’d be running about 20 minutes by now since I started with 5, but I’m not doing it for the goal. I’m doing this for the health benefit of running at least 5 minutes a day.

Unfortunately, I’ve reached the point where I run almost 15 minutes and don’t run for the next day or two. The secret is moderation. Even if I did 10 minutes a day, I’d still get the full benefit and feel great!

I’ll have to take it easy.

Week 14 – Day 6

Although this should be day 7 technically, I did run before I went to bed, so we’ll call it day 6 since tomorrow, I might run again. Anyway, it was a good run, considering that I haven’t ran in 6 days. This is the longest I’ve gone without running and was still able to run a full almost 14 minutes. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

I did have a deep tissue massage this morning, so that might have helped. I was well hydrated, and I wasn’t feeling too tired. Just a little relaxed after my massage.

The moon was out tonight. It was in full bloom. It was gorgeous. It helped with a little lighting while I was running. I kept the pace, the distance, speed and everything else. Maybe the more I rest my muscles, the better I run later in the week? We’ll see.

Until next run, cheers!

Week 13 – Day 7

Even after a glass of wine, I could still manage a 13 minute run. I admit that the rest of the week was not a running week, but I did play some ping pong matches at work. So, I got my workout in other ways. Just because I didn’t run, doesn’t mean that I didn’t keep my heat working. The end of the 13th week, and technically, I’m at 13 minutes and a half. That’s fantastic.

I’m not even at the halfway point, and I can run almost 15 minutes. If I can manage 20 minutes by the end of the challenge, that would be great. If I can muster the courage to get me up to 30 minutes, be sure that I won’t be running that every day. That’s a lot of running. It takes its toll on the body.