Hope, A Ray of Hope – Week 3, Part 2

Week 3, Day 4

My wife told me today that I started to lose my belly. Now those are some encouraging words. There’s hope for me, yet. It’s only week three, so of course, I told her, “Hang on, it’s only week three. Wait ’til I get to week 10”. It’s very encouraging to hear words like those.

Every time I would start working out in the past, I would always surround myself with workout “experts”, and they would just push beyond limits on day one. How is anyone supposed to enjoy doing this if at the end, they’re suffering?

Another great experiment for hope

There was this other experiment done where a trainer gained 70 lbs and then lost it so he can better understand his clients. The results were short of amazing! Sometimes you need to understand yourself and your body, and believe me, you will understand yourself better than anyone else.

A guy that gains weight to lose it back. I can only hope to end up like him. The second half.
Courtesy of CNN. Fit2Fat2Fit

So, when a trainer tells you to push yourself, push back! Tell them that, that’s all you can do, and that tomorrow’s another day. This way, you don’t hate yourself for being in pain. Why punish yourself? This journey should be joyous, pleasant. It should feel rewarding. There’s hope at the end of the tunnel yet.

One can hope

I remain hopeful because today, was what I’d like to call an easy day. It was not bad at all. It felt natural. It’s becoming a habit.

40 days

Another adage from childhood was that it takes 40 days for something to become a habit. Brushing teeth, drawing, speaking properly, and even exercising. You just have to bear with it 40 days. That’s about 6 weeks. I’m halfway there. Then, it just becomes a habit. I can’t wait for that day.

I ran 7 minutes and 30 seconds, plus some extra. That tells me that I’m ready to continue this soon to be habit.

Until tomorrow!

Week 3, Day 5

Eight minutes and over. I’m ready for next week too. I suppose that I’m ahead, but I must stick to the plan. The first 3-4 minutes still feel tough, but after that, it’s good. I feel as if it was a quick run.

It’s really becoming a habit. Every day I go running, I just tell myself, “Well, yesterday I ran seven minutes, today I can run seven minutes and ten seconds”. And it usually works well enough to where I think that if I had enough time yesterday, I have enough time today.

I don’t really do the sprints after a run anymore, except for tonight, for some reason, I wanted to. But I don’t feel like they’re necessary. I just do them because I want to. I did notice that if I don’t do sprints one time, the next time it doesn’t feel any different to run. In fact, it feels just a bit better because I know that I didn’t exhaust myself the previous day.

Week 3, day 5. That tells me a lot. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this good about running. And to think that week 3 is coming to an end, that’s 21 full days of straight running. That’s halfway to the 40 day habit forming mark. If I can pull this off, I could become a runner, or even jogger for life.

Time and speed

I noticed that the perfect speed is 7.5 mph. That has a pace of an 8 minute mile. That’s 24 minute run to run 3 miles. That’s incredible. I believe that’s the USMC goal for a 3 mile PT (Physical Training) run. I know this because of some of the sprints that I did. But that’s fast. Super fast!

For now, I’ll try to at least run an 11 minute mile, which I’m doing at 5.6 mph. I will definitely focus on increasing speed later, after I run a full 3 minutes comfortably. Back to comfort… My hope is to run 30 minutes comfortably. If I can do it as easy as going shopping, or putting together an IKEA shelf (which I did yesterday), then I’ve achieved my goal for this experiment.

A treadmill showing 1.43 miles and 148 calories used up
A new caloric and distance record. Hard to take a photo while running.

It’s strange. The more I do it, the more I imagine myself running those 30 minutes as if it was a stroll in the park. If I can do 8 minutes without feeling like I want to die, 10 minutes should not be that bad either. And that’s 1/3 of the way to get to the ultimate goal. Slowly, but surely.

Let’s continue to hope for the best.

Week 3, Day 6

I went back to cheating again. I ran 10 minutes instead of 7:50. I first wanted to run 8 minutes since 8 minutes will be the milestone for week 4, but once again, favorite song kicked in, and I just had to run another 2 minutes.

Whatever motivates you

Whatever gets your adrenaline going, use it. I know I have something here with the 30 week challenge if my friends keep asking me how it’s going. I even have facebook followers because of it. It feels great to know that someone else out there thinks it’s a cool idea. I suppose that’s number one reason not to give up. I’d be disappointing a lot of people.

Even though my 10 minutes was interrupted by some walking, think about it. I still ran a total of 10 minutes today. I was thinking about this while running. Even if you can’t run your first 5 minutes all at once, there’s nothing to stop you from running one minute, five times a day. You’re still running 5 minutes. And it’s actually better, because you’re walking more when you warm up for it, and when you cool down from it. So, essentially, you’re working out more.

In fact, it’s probably better that you keep your metabolism up throughout the day than just once a day in a huge spike. I might even experiment with running my final 30 minutes in 15 minute runs when the time comes. It has to be healthier since there’s no down time. This way, I avoid the not running part for 24 hours. Even if I could run 10 minutes, 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. 10 minutes each time. Heck, I could do 10 minutes now, I might as well try it and get the exercise done with tomorrow.

But, the whole concept of the challenge is to run 30 minutes, once a day to prove to anyone that they can run too if they just take it easy and increase their time very, very slowly.

Getting ready for the end… of week 3

Tomorrow’s the last day of week 3. When I think about how I transitioned from week 1 to week 2, increasing my run by a whole minute, and succeeding, how scared I was, and how I actually did it… it makes me think about tomorrow as if nothing bad can come from it. I can only hope that every week is the same, and pretty soon, I won’t even realize that I’m running half hour per day. It’s almost boring if I don’t force myself to run more. And, that’s a great thing! Because all of us lazy people love boring lifestyles.

Week 3, Day 7

I have completed my 3rd week. That’s 21 days. It’s a huge milestone for me. I feel great! I’m running 8 minutes already and I’m on my way to get to 10 minutes in two more weeks.

Pain has returned

For some reason my calves were hurting more than usual. I did take a nap in the evening before my run. It could be because I was tired, or it could be that I pushed myself yesterday to run that little extra bit. In any case, I was able to do my 8 minutes, and will do another 8 tomorrow, and slowly increase by 10 seconds daily.

I have to admit, today was a harder day. Maybe I need more sleep. Maybe more water. Maybe this is the time when drinking enough water and getting enough rest will affect me. It’s no longer a 5 minute jog, after all.

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