Fitness Continuation Lifestyle – Week 2

Week 2, Day 1 – Up to 6 Minutes

This is fitness. Today I feel like my legs are a bit sore. This could be a good thing. It means that my muscles are building up. I have to take it a little easier today. I don’t want to overdo it and get burned. I’m going to try the new treadmill and take some photos of it.

Six minutes, here I come…

A blurry fitness photo of me running
A blurry photo of me running

Post Workout

I feel good.  I went on for 6 whole minutes non stop, and a couple of sprints as usual. Basically, I can run 8 minutes interrupted, but 6 minutes continuous. I’m really happy with myself and my results.

The shins started hurting again, but it’s ok. Nothing unbearable. I could manage. As far as the sore muscles, not a problem. I should definitely stay more hydrated.

The other treadmill

I tried running on the new treadmill from my friend, and it was ok for the first 2 minutes, but then when I started running, I got up to 5.5 mph, all stop. Not sure what was happening. Maybe the treadmill was using too much power and it triggered the safety fuse. Who knows. Anyway, I went to the local fitness center. After all, this is California, and pretty  much every apartment complex has one. Here’s an article on that.

Not a fitness record, but pretty close to yesterday's numbers.
Not a record, but pretty close to yesterday’s numbers.


Looking forward to continuing  my trend of 6 minutes, plus extra if I feel like it. I do have to say that my breathing has gotten better. Much better. I don’t feel like I’m out of breath, and as far as sleeping is concerned, I sleep better too. I wake up before the alarm. But, I also go to sleep earlier since I’m a bit more tired at night.

I used to feel like I had restless legs, or just rotated around in bed / sofa chair for a half hour before falling asleep. Now, I just hit the sack around 10:30 / 11:00 pm and wake up usually around 5:28 before my alarm rings.

I’m starting to notice my jeans fitting better too. I know it’s mostly water weight, but it feels great to not feel like my belt is going to explode. I used to wear size 32 pants. Then, it went up to 34 when I lived in Europe. They have great food. When I got back to the US, it gradually went to 36-38-40-42 within a period of 3 years. I don’t have any specific goal other than to reach 30 minutes of running.

My mom, being a nurse, used to tell me, that running 15 minutes daily should be more than enough to stay fit. Let’s see what 30 minutes does.

Until tomorrow…

Week 2, Day 2 – The Norm

Well, I only ran 6 minutes tonight. I just felt like it. I didn’t want to overdo it. I wanted to take it easy because the past few days, I’ve been pushing myself a lot. An extra minute here, an extra minute there… and although it’s good for building stamina, it’s taking its toll on me.

The  main reason I ran only 6 minutes is because I went running late. I was working on a project, and just like everyone else that works late, or works on side projects late into the night, I had to stop myself. I know I have a commitment. So, I took 15 minutes off, walked 2, ran 6, and walked again for the remainder. It was nice. I did run at a bit faster pace than usual. Instead of the usual 5.5 mph, I pushed myself to 5.8 mph.

Why the fitness slow down

Another thing is, I’m getting a bit tired. Going to bed later doesn’t help. I do feel soreness the next day, but it’s not too bad. It’s manageable. Also, a colleague is getting sick and I don’t want to catch it. Not now. But… I read somewhere that getting a cold gets rid of the weak cells in your body. Makes sense. The flu virus runs through you all the time. Only when it finds weak cells, or weak areas, it infects and multiplies, thereby destroying weak cells.

For now, I’m happy that I’m at the 6 minute mark, and will comfortably continue with that time until next week. I only did 95 calories tonight, but it was a good 95 calories.

Watered down

I still have to watch my water intake. I just don’t drink enough water. I need to get me one of those mason jars at work and just keep filling it up. We have filtered water, fridge filtered water, and even LaCroix sparkling water. There’s no excuse to why I’m drinking 3 coffees and no water. That has to stop. That’s not good fitness practice.

Sure, I’m not dying of thirst, and I can probably manage with the water I drink from home. Basically, I know I won’t die. But still, if I want to make it a less painful experience, I need to drink more water.

Until tomorrow, again… good night, and happy running!

Week 2, Day 3 – Under the weather

Feeling a bit under, I was coughing today. I hope I didn’t catch anything from work. There’s something going around. I definitely could do without it, but even if I do, and it’s a typical cold, it shall pass easily. Ever since I moved out to Cali (almost 4 years now), I’ve only really been sick with fever and all… maybe once or twice. Before, when the wife and I used to live in The Netherlands, I was getting sick twice a year, and really bad. Talk about fitness. And one of our sons, Ethan, got so sick once that he almost had his tonsils removed.

Feeling better

I didn’t feel as winded as I did yesterday. I did wake up before the alarm again. My legs felt a bit weak and sore, but that’s probably due to a mixture of no rest, lack of water, and the cold coming on. I’m planning on getting some good rest tonight.

I have to rush it

I can’t write too much more since it’s late and I have to rest well. One thing I will say is that running is starting to feel good. I don’t mean, it feels as good as moist cake… I mean, come on… nothing beats moist cake… but it’s feeling ok, like I could really do this. I think I can pull this off.

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