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Week 4, Day 5 – 3/12 – Health and Fitness

Health and fitness needs a break at times. I decided, even though it was Saturday, that I will take a little break. I think it was a much deserved break. I was busy in the evening, when I usually run, and one of my friends told me that it’s ok to take a little break once in a while, as long as I stretch. Well, I didn’t stretch either.

I could have gone running in the morning, or afternoon, but I really just wanted to see, and experiment, what would happen if I didn’t run one day. Does this mean that It’s the end of the workout? Not at all. In fact, this little workout plan is still an experiment. I’m experimenting quite a bit.

Without experimenting, I wouldn’t have tried pushing myself more early on, I wouldn’t have figured out to increment my runs by 10 seconds a day, making it much easier to increase my running time instead of waiting a whole week to push myself a whole minute. A minute counts, especially early on. Health and fitness shouldn’t be taken lightly, but you should also understand a balance.

So, today, I took a day off. Apparently, even God took a day off to rest. I didn’t feel like I gained a lot of time by resting, so in a way, this little break proved to me that running does not eat up my time. But the benefits are definitely great!

Week 4, Day 6 – 3/13

I thought I would hurt today because I didn’t run yesterday. Ok, I did hurt a bit. My muscles were sore, but that’s probably because I stayed out late the previous night and wasn’t well rested. I need to focus on getting a full night’s rest. And you know what that means. It means that I have to go to sleep earlier. Sleeping is definitely part of health and fitness, as I’m learning the hard way. You probably will too.

Today, I did 4 big things, and was still able to run. Granted, I went running at 10:30 at night. We went to Costco for our weekly resupply mission, I met with a business partner to discuss plans for our business, I met with another business partner to watch a movie, and I brought my son along because the movie was Zootpia. It’s a great little movie. I’d recommend it. And, I worked on one of my side projects. So, once again, no excuse not to run.

Easier breathing

I also noticed something else. I used to have bad hay fever allergies. Lately, my breathing has become a lot more normal. I don’t know if the season’s over, but I used to get these breathing problems where my nose would get stuffed up for no apparent reason. Even when it was raining.

I don’t know if this is due to running, but I also sleep much better. Especially if I run just before I head off to bed. So, I ran a full 9 minutes. My calves were hurting a bit by the end, but it wasn’t too bad. But, that goes to show you that even if you do decide to take a day off in one month… it’s not the end of the world.

The experiment continues

Remember, we’re not trying to get quick results. That usually ends up in a yo-yo diet. We didn’t gain the weight overnight. We’re not going to lose a significant amount of weight by running one extra run per week.

It’s about numbers

Even though it’s about numbers, it’s not really that controlled. The only control is that there’s a gradual increase in running time. Everything else is relative.  Even the controlled increase should be flexible. Sometimes I run the given time, sometimes more, and before I came up with the 10 second increments, I was technically running under as the week progressed.


Running 5 minutes on day one, two and three, I already lost 30 seconds of running because day 2, I didn’t run 5:10, losing 10 seconds, and day 3 I didn’t run 5:20, losing an additional 20 seconds. Therefore, within 3 days, I technically ran 30 seconds less than I should have.

It’s all justified

In the end, what matters the most is that I’m running at or near the goal time for the day or week. If I can run approximately 30 minutes per day by week 30, I win! Even if I’m running 29 minutes, or even 25 minutes at the end of week 30, think about it. It’s a huge gain. Running 25 minutes a day is a big deal. And, from that point on, it only gets better.

Tomorrow will be my last day of the week to wrap up my 8 minute per day run, which I’m already running at 9 minutes. Then, Week 5 starts with 9 minutes, which I’m already used to. By the end of next week, I will be running 10 minutes a day, feeling just as good, or better than running day one.

Here’s to gradual increase!

Week 4, Day 7 – 3/14

Last day when I could reach 9 minutes, and boy did I. I injured myself today, earlier. I slipped and fell off of the last step of a stairwell. My right leg took most of the impact, but I was still able to run in the evening, after a nice nap.

It actually felt really great! Breathing was normal, heart rate good, pain was not really there, even the leg injury. Tomorrow, I’m going to continue with the 9 minutes run, and slowly increase it daily to 10 minutes for a week.

I have to say that I really enjoy running at this time. It’s not bad at all. I’m still not seeing anything different, but I do feel it when I put my pants on. They’re starting to feel loose.

For health and fitness. A photo of a fat guy at the gym
Update on looks

Today, I realized again that this will be doable. It’s only a matter of time. Think about the concept. I’ve been running for the past 4 weeks. Something I haven’t done in a very long time. Granted, it’s 5-9 minutes each day, but that’s more than I’ve done in the past 4 weeks. And, in the next 4 weeks, when I think about this in depth, will be 13 minutes. That’s almost 15, which is halfway. Almost halfway to my goal and I’m not hating it.

I find this very motivational for anyone who really cares about getting back into some kind of decent shape, and cares about their health and fitness.

To health and fitness!

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