It’s Just a Jog – Week 6

Week 6, Day 1 (Tuesday, 3/22)

It’s starting to feel more like a jog. Running 10 minutes which is what I was supposed to run, even though I ran 11, just because, felt like a light jog. This is good. My body’s been getting accustomed to the running. No more pain, no more huffing and puffing and wheezing type breathing. It’s really not a big deal anymore.

A happy jog at night

Fat guy jog happily on a treadmill
A happy runner finishing off 10 (11) minutes.

Even though I went running at 1:30 am, because I had projects to finish, a night jog seems to be in order. It really did relax me. I feel great, and I’m so ready to go to bed. I will definitely keep up the 11 minute pace throughout the week. I might even speed things up by trying the 10 minute mile pace again.

What a jog! Until tomorrow…

Week 6, Day 2 (Wednesday, 3/23)

I was a bit tired today. I definitely felt it. My lower stomach felt like it had gas in it. You know that feeling when you feel like you’re going to pass gas but it just won’t come.

I was pretty motivated to get my run going, so I stepped it up a bit to 5.7 mph instead of 5.6. It’s not a huge increase, but I felt it. The fact that I wasn’t hydrating in the evening and only in the afternoon might have had something to do with it. Or, that I went to sleep late last night, even through I woke up without an alarm, and didn’t have a nap.

I consider these things to make my runs better, and to have an easier time running. If I have to focus on pain during my run, it’s not fun. I intend to optimize my running over time.

Whenever I run, I find myself thinking of things. Things like, “When do I get to the 2 minute mark, so I don’t feel pain anymore?” I also started stretching my calves before and after my runs. It feels better. I also think of things I didn’t do, like, “Why didn’t I drink more water?”

Until tomorrow!

Week 6, Day 3 (Thursday, 3/24)

Wife asked me if I wanted to take a break, just one day. I thought, that’s how it starts. I was tired. I still pushed myself. It’s like my tiredness went away. I actually gained energy after my jog.

Week 6, Day 4 (Friday, 3/25)

I did take a break today. I didn’t really need it, but I thought I would have all day Saturday to run. Plus, I feel comfortable running 12 minutes now. I suppose in a few days I’m supposed to start at 11 minutes. This is not too bad.

Week 6, Day 5 (Saturday, 3/26)

I suppose my writing is getting less and less, mainly because what I had set out to do works. It works so well, that I’m ahead of the curb. It seems like each time I go, if I’m well rested, hydrated, not hung over, healthy, not injured, etc, etc, I usually¬†want to push myself to do more. I’m trying each time not to over-do myself, but I can’t help it. Sometime it’s the music, sometime, it’s because I’m running in the morning, or during the day when I’m more rested.

I stubbed my toe really bad today. I hope I’ll be able to jog tomorrow. I’m actually trying to jog twice tomorrow if I can. I stubbed it so bad that I turned the front of it over and ripped it a bit so it was bleeding. It doesn’t hurt if I don’t do anything. When I walk, if I step on the toe, it stings a bit, but then again, it stung when I was walking after falling down that one step. But running was ok. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Some Neosporin and a good threshold for pain come in handy.

A stubbed toe injury with bleeding nail
My injured toe after running it in the side of a sofa chair.

I also had some lower back pain, but it doesn’t feel like a muscle. It feels like something more internal. I hope it’s nothing serious. We’ll see if it goes away in a few days.

I’m still feeling healthy and strong. No little injury, even if bleeding, will stop me from accomplishing my goal.

On the plus side, my caloric record was broken, I think. Check out what this says:

A jogging machine showing calories
A jog of almost 1.5 miles.

Week 6, Day 6 (Easter Sunday, 3/27)

I did not run today. It wasn’t because it was a holiday, or because I was too busy. I had time, and actually wanted to, but one thing led to another, and all of the sudden, it’s another break day. It’s ok, though. I think it will be fine, since I can do the 12 minutes now. I will try not to let the runs slip by me, but sometimes, they do.

Week 6, Day 7 (3/28)

Up to 13 minutes! Continuous. I’m almost at 15. And I’m still comfortable doing it. Nothing hard about it. Hydrating throughout the day does help. I still had Easter Cake and coffee.

My son, 6 year old Ethan, went to the gym with me. He had fun running around the gym and pretending that he’s running his own workout class. It was adorable.

It’s supposed to be the last day of the week when I’m supposed to be running 11 minutes, and I ran 13. Tomorrow, I suppose I can do 13:10, teehee.

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