The Lazy Workout – Almost Two Months Now

Let the Lazy Workout begin

It’s been over 6 weeks, and the lazy workout is working. 45 days and going, this means it’s a hobby.

Week 7, Day 1 (3/29)

I’ve taken another break today. Busy, busy. I’ve been too busy working on yet another new side project. I’ll see how it goes.

Week 7, Day 2 (3/30) – Almost Two Months

I did wrap up the project from yesterday. I realized that I’ve been at this for almost two months. It’s incredible. I can’t believe I made it this far. I got my scale a new battery, and I’ll find out what the results are in the morning. I don’t feel like I’ve lost any more weight, but we’ll see.

I ran 13 minutes again. It felt great again. I listened to different music. Electronic. Very up-beat.

Week 7, Day 3 (3/31) – Another break

I don’t know why, but sometimes it slips by me. I find myself at midnight or 1 AM and am just not motivated enough to go running at that time. I could have gone earlier. Let the lazy workout continue.

I feel like I’m trying to fight something. Maybe another cold? My boss wasn’t feeling well at work. He’s calling off tomorrow.

Week 7, Day 4 (4/1) – 15 minute mark

Yeah, I did it. I pushed myself… more like pulled myself… to get to that. I started out nice, no pain, no problems, breathing was ok. A bit wheezy, probably from not running yesterday.

I did the math wrong initially. I put the timer on 20 minutes. 2 minutes walk, and then I calculated 8 minutes to the 10 minute mark, and then another 3 to make it 13. Common core fail! It should be 5 minutes to 13, but that’s ok, because I went all the way to the 3 minute mark, and walked the rest of the way. That’s 15 minutes at the 11 minute mark.

I’m not doing it to force myself. I think something’s happening. I think I’m getting used to running, and my body can take more on its own. It just felt good and right to continue running. I hope I feel the same way tomorrow.

And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

Week 7, Day 5 (4/2) – Another break

I think the idea is still ok as long as I don’t go below the expected running time. And as I see that I’m running 15 minutes now when I’m supposed to be running 11, I think I’ve earned some breaks. If my time drops, then I can worry. I’m still ahead of the curve. Tomorrow I will run. No exceptions.

Week 7, Day 6 (4/3)

Break, second day in a row. I’m going to regret this tomorrow. Even though I’ve finished one project, the other ones require my attention, and when they do, they usually go late into the night. Tonight, I stayed late into the morning. I went to bed at 4 am.

Week 7, Day 7 (4/4)

My birthday signifies the last day of week 7. Tomorrow, the start of week 8. Today, I went back down to 13 minutes. I suppose since I’m at my 12 minute mark, I should still be ok, but I can’t slack off like this. Two days in a row and I dropped two whole minutes in my run.

I’m 38 and running 13-15 minutes at once. And it’s only 7 weeks into it. Another 15-17 weeks and I’m done. 38 year old, running 30 minutes. I look forward to it. 17 weeks is about 4 months. Considering that two months passed, I’m 1/3 of the way there.


Week 8, Day 1 (4/5)

I ran 17 minutes today. That’s a great comeback. This goes to show you that you can’t stop for even a day. I mean, this is training. Training for life. I felt good going at it. I felt like I could go all the way. I took it easy and only ran 17 minutes.

Week 8, Day 2 (4/6)

Did not run today. Big mistake. I’ll pay for it later. I’m in week 8. I can’t slack off like this for too long. It has been over 40 days, so I suppose this is now a habit.

Week 8, Day 3 (4/7)

Ran 13 minutes, because yesterday I did not run. I was also tired. Did not take a nap in the afternoon. I did everything I could to make it to 13 minutes.

Week 8, Day 4 (4/8)

Back to 16 minutes. I’m learning a life long lesson here. Don’t stop even for one minute. You blink and you could miss a lifetime.

Considering I’m supposed to be doing 12-13 minutes this week, doing 16 is very good. I could just keep it going at 16 minutes for a few weeks just to not be stressed out. But then again, when I get back on the treadmill, I usually feel comfortable to do more.

Oh well, it’s the way it goes. I hope I’ve encouraged others to go down this path. 8 weeks ago I could barely run 5 minutes. Now I’m running over 15. That’s 200% improvement in just 8 weeks. Considering the average lifespan of a human (4000 weeks), 8 weeks out of 4000 is 0.2%. That’s a fifth of one percent. That’s nothing!!! 4000 weeks. That’s not a lot of time. How will you spend yours? I’ve already spent my first ~2000 weeks. I want my next 2000 to be as healthy as I can be, assuming I get to live an average lifespan.

Good night, and happy running!

Week 8, Day 5 (4/9)

A good Saturday. I went running in the afternoon rather than the weekend. Two of the three treadmills were broken. One was already taken. So, I waited… and did some weights. It wasn’t too bad. A bit of biceps, a bit of chest presses. Got the blood pumping a bit before the run.

And ran I did. Another 16 minutes. I suppose I’m used to it.

Week 8, Day 6 (4/10)

No running today.

Week 8, Day 7 (4/11)

No running today again.

Week 9, Day 1 (4/12)

Ok, I’m still at 16 minutes. This isn’t bad, considering I’ve been slacking off for the past two days. I can’t believe I’ve not run in two days. I guess once stamina builds up, it stays with you for a while.

I will probably have to thank the fact that I didn’t drink, and kept hydrated. Man, I have to stay healthy to keep running. What a catch.

Week 9, Day 2 (4/13)

Happy humpday. I have to happy to have reached 20 minutes! Wow! I can’t believe I just kept running and running. I got to the 16 minute mark and felt like I could go for a bit more. After two more minutes, I just felt like I could go another 2 minutes. Nothing hurt. Everything was going well. And, I made it! What you’re seeing below is the cooldown 5 minutes at the end. Video coming soon.

The Lazy Workout has reached 20 minutes!
The Lazy Workout has reached 20 minutes!

I want to mention that it’s been an amazing 8 months so far. I really can’t believe that being lazy got me to run 20 miles. I think I’m supposed to run only 13 minutes this week. Let’s see… Math… Started at 5 minutes week 1, we’re in week 9, 8 weeks later, 5+8 = 13. So, I’m 7 whole minutes above where I should be. That’s not bad!!! As long as I run 30 minutes at week 30, which means I have to keep running even after I reach 30 minutes… I’ll be happy.

Have a great night. I know I will.

Week 9, Day 3 (4/14) – 21 Minutes!

And counting! My Lazy Workout plan is working really well. I decided at the 20 minute mark that I’ll do another 10 seconds… 20 seconds… 30 seconds… what the heck, might as well go all the way to 21 minutes. I’m no longer worried about if it was a fluke, or if I was just well rested, or anything else. I basically ran.

I did notice something new. I will continue to breathe through my nose only for the first 3-4 minutes. So, my lungs and heart are getting better. The lungs can handle more oxygen and blood cleaning and in larger capacity, and the heart can pump more and more blood with less effort. This is great!

I can no longer say that I’m out of shape, I suppose. Sure, there’s still a bit of strain and effort to get running 20 minutes for now, but considering that only 2 months back… not even 5 minutes without dying.

2 months, and I’m running over 20 minutes. I never thought I’d get here that quick. And, I even skipped a couple of runs. So, it goes to show you. Start really slow, be lazy, gentle daily increments, drink your water, not your alcohol, and pretty soon you’ll be at 20 minutes. I’m basically 10 minutes away from the goal. I’m 2/3 of the way there. This feels amazing!

Week 9, Day 4 (4/15)

I skipped today. I developed some kind of pain behind my right knee. Not sure what it is, but the rest of my leg felt a bit sore as well. Could be that I’m pushing myself a bit more?

Week 9, Day 5 (4/16)

Another 20 minutes. It has to be the new norm. I almost didn’t go running, but I can’t let comfort take advantage of me. That’s not how you get to 30 minutes. I’m glad I did. 

Week 9, Day 6 (4/17)

Lazy workout still going at 20 minutes. It’s getting harder and harder to find 20 minutes. I also don’t feel as motivated for some reason to run a whole 20 minutes. So I skip the whole thing.

My physical status now
My physical status now

Week 9, Day 7 (4/18)

Lazy workout still going at 20 minutes again. I think it might be better to run even 10 minutes if I can instead of skipping. Maybe I can develop lighter days instead of skipping days.

Week 10, Day 1 (4/19)

Break today. I should have at least ran 10 minutes. Lazy workout not working out as well lately.

Week 10, Day 2 (4/20)

Break again. I’m not liking these breaks. It feels like I’m getting lazy, for real. Lazy workout is becoming lazy non-workout. I should be running 15 minutes since it’s week 10. Somehow running 20 minutes steadily makes up for it. I know, it’s bad thinking, but I have to justify my lazy lifestyle somehow.

Week 10, Day 2 (4/21), Thursday

Still at 20 minutes. Going strong. Well, not too strong. I did have a rougher time running today since I skipped a whole two days, again. It’s getting harder to try to find 20 minutes at a time. I might have to split them up in two 15 minute sessions. We’ll see.

Week 10, Day 2 (4/22), Friday

No running today. I definitely plan on running in the morning. I will run in the morning, even if only 10 minutes. I’ll have to develop a 10 minute run twice a day. I hear that’s better than running 20 minutes all at once. We’ll see if it works. This means that I have to get up a bit earlier on work days, just to run 10 – 15 minutes. Well, 10 for now. 15 later when it’s time to run the 30 minutes a day. We’ll see.

Week 10, Day 3 (4/23), Saturday

My plan to run twice today failed. I only ran 15 minutes unfortunately. But at least I ran 15 minutes, which is better than no minutes. Still being lazy with my lazy workout.

Week 10, Day 3 (4/24), Sunday

I didn’t run today. I need to be more committed. However, I’m still not disappointed since I’m running way above my required time. How’s that for a lazy workout?

Week 10, Day 3 (4/25), Monday

I wanted to see if I could do 15 minutes today. I felt great, so I went the full 20 minutes… well… 20 minutes and 10 seconds. It could be anything. Could be the fact that I got a really good night’s rest, or this new thing I’m trying that my wife’s giving me. She makes this apple cider vinegar mix with water and drinks it every morning.

Week 10, Day 3 (4/26), Tuesday

I woke up today and weighed myself. Under 280. This is huge considering that when I started, I was around 290. So, whatever I’m doing must be working. The lazy workout works.

Week 10, Day 4 (4/27), Wednesday

Today was another break day. That’s what so great about my workout. You can take breaks, but no more than one or two days. It’s all about the cardio. As long as my heart is strong, I’m good to go.

Week 10, Day 5 (4/28), Thursday

Still running 20 minutes.

Week 10, Day 6 (4/29), Friday

Back to 21 minutes today. It was good to know I can push a little more than my usual.

Week 10, Day 7 (4/30), Saturday

I think I did something bad last night. I must have pulled a muscle between the left leg and the left hip. It hurts pretty bad when I try to lift the leg up.

Week 11, Day 1 (5/1), Sunday

Still out of commission. Can’t do any running. On the day that I’m supposed to be running 16 minutes, I can run zero. It’s a bit upsetting, but I know that I can still run 20 minutes if I want to. But, first, I need to rest and regain my strength and get rid of the pain. Still, the lazy workout is working out.

Week 11, Day 2 (5/2), Monday

The pain is still there, but getting better. I don’t think I want to force it.

Week 11, Day 3 (5/3), Tuesday

Did an easy 15 minutes in the morning. I probably could have done more, but I didn’t want to force myself. I’m thinking that I’m just going to work my way to run twice a day for 15 minutes each that way there’s no additional impact from the same run. I get a break in the middle.

Week 11, Day 4 (5/4), Wednesday

Did not run extra last night, or this morning. I have to get back into it, and I will definitely try to run another 15 minutes or 16 if I still feel up to it tonight.

Week 11, Day 5 (5/5)

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